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What are users?

Users are persons with online access to your XLReporting account. Each user has his or her own login and personal dashboard(s).

Create users

You can create a user in two ways:

  • Click on Define - New in the sidebar menu.
  • Click on the Actions - Create new button of an existing user. This also enables you to make a copy of an existing user.

Either way, the rest of the process is the same, and you can enter the email address and name for your new user and define the other settings:

screenshot account users

The user's email is also the login for XLReporting. User activation, password reset, and system notifications all require the user to have a valid email address.

This page also shows all recent activity of this user.

You can also watch the instruction video.


You can define the settings for the user via these fields:

  • Email - enter a valid and unique email address. The email is also the user login for XLReporting.
  • Name - enter the person's name. This name must be unique within all your users.
  • Active/locked - activate or lock a user. When locked, the user can not login.
  • Group - select how this user is to be shown in the menu navigation.
  • User roles - assign one or multiple user roles to this user. This determines the permissions of this user.
  • Mobile phone - enter the user mobile phone number, including country prefix. This is used for Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Enable API - enable API access for this user and obtain an API token.
  • For security reasons, you can not change your own email address, or activate, lock, or delete your own account. This can only be done by another user with relevant permissions, or you can contact us.


When defining a user, you can use the Save and Actions buttons in the right-top of the screen:

screenshot account users actions

These buttons enable you to do the following:

  • Save - save your changes
  • Actions - open a dropdown menu with further options:
    • Create a new user (or copy one)
    • Delete this user
    • Send email invite
    • Send password reset
    • Export data or print


When you create a new user, XLReporting will send that person an email with an invite link. Users can click on that link to activate their login and enter their initial password.

If a user has not received this email (or it has gone astray in his or her inbox), you can resend that email by clicking on Actions - Send email invite.


You can not set or change the password for another user, users can only change their own password. If users have forgotten their password, they can ask for a password reset by clicking on the Lost your password? link in the Login screen:

screenshot user login forgotten password

XLReporting will send that person an email with a temporary reset link, where the user can enter a new password.

You can also send a user the same email by clicking on Actions - Send password reset.

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