Improve your reporting and budgeting

Stop using spreadsheets for reporting and budgeting. It's inefficient.

Rely on automated reports and models instead of manual work.

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XLReporting is web-based, easy to use, powerful, and integrated with Excel. We offer free setup support.

Benefits of XLReporting

  • Create reports, pivot tables, charts, models, KPI's, and interactive dashboards
  • Consolidate your reporting and budget data into a single system with a central database
  • Import data from multiple systems and files using standard connectors, or create your own
  • Create free-form budget models that mimic your business, with volume/price calculations
  • Protect your valuable data with user roles, permissions, audit, and security
  • Increase quality and reduce manual work
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Easy to setup


define reports

Define your business structure, such as companies, business units, chart of accounts, cost centers.

You can create data sets, reports, and models to store and analyze any information you want.


import data

Import data from multiple systems, API's, and file formats using standard connectors.

You can define how to transform, filter, validate, and consolidate the data during the import.


report and analyze

Run powerful web-based models, pivot tables, reports, charts, and KPI's with just a few clicks.

You can create free-form budget models, reports, KPI's, and dashboards, all integrated with Excel.

What our clients say

We no longer have to manually export, copy and paste data to prepare our reports.
It gave us the tools to improve our financial processes. We saved hours every week.
This helped us to automate our budgeting process. We really like the models.
XLReporting was easy to implement, and easy to use. Great support along the way.

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