Power your reporting, forecasting, and consolidation

Has your business become too complex for spreadsheets?

XLReporting integrates with Excel, connects to your systems, and automates your reporting, forecasting, and consolidation. Move beyond Excel.

Free up your time to focus on Analysis and Forecasts.

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Benefits for You

Analyze the Past

Automate your reporting and analysis and combine all your data in one place. Get the right numbers at the right time. Use our customizable reports or make your own.

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Forecast the Future

Manage your budget and forecast process across your organisation with budget models that support your business. Customize our standard models or create your own.

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Consolidate with Ease

XLReporting can consolidate actuals directly from your accounting systems and budgets. Financial data as well as non-financial data. Free up your time for better things.

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The Right Solution for You

design templates process

Design your reports

Easy-to-use spreadsheet editor with rows, columns, and formulas. Re-use your Excel knowledge.

budgeting business

Budget how you want

Create your own budget models or start with our templates. Adapt the process to your business.

integrations database

Integrate your data

Connect to multiple systems to integrate financial and non-financial data in one central place.

financial and non-financial

Combine all data

Increase your analysis and insight by combining any financial and non-financial data.

visualisation presentation

Visualize your business

Choose from 40 different report and chart types, and customize them as you wish.

autorization organization

Share and protect

Control who has access to your information, and share safely and with ease.

financial and non-financial

Grow together

XLReporting is flexible and is easily adapted when your business grows or changes.

visualisation presentation

Industry Templates

Start with our ready-to-use templates, and expand with your own reports and models.

autorization organization

Partner with us

Accountancy firms and consultants will add value for their clients by using XLReporting.

Why Choose XLReporting


XLReporting has a built-in spreadsheet editor that's fully compatible with Excel, so you can re-use your existing budgeting and forecasting spreadsheets, giving you a familiar environment and a fast learning curve.


XLReporting offers customizable templates as well as enabling you to create any business structure you wish. This means you will never outgrow XLReporting and you always have the solution you need.


XLReporting can connect to any data source, so all your data is in one place. You can control what your users can see or do, which enables everyone to work with the same data, automatically updated, reducing the risk of errors.


XLReporting can compete with any enterprise solution without the need for an army of consultants and high investements. It is extremely good value for money and also offers “out of the box” options for the smaller budget.

financial report essentials financial report essentials financial report essentials financial report essentials financial report essentials financial report essentials

Why Customers Trust Us

Stronger client relationships

Since we rolled out XLReporting to our clients, we are getting lots of positive feedback from them. It strenghtens our client relationships. We can do a lot of configuration ourselves and if needed we can always rely on the good support of the XLR team.


Sebastian Coli Bazzini (Director IT & Operations)
Accounting firm, 11-50 employees
OZCAR https://ozcar.nl

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Excellent software at a good price

Lots of functionality, you can create really powerful budget templates with real-time information. Works well with Excel, and good support. The XLReporting team is really helpful and did the initial implementation for us.


Pierre Verhoeve (Finance Manager)
Healthcare, 5001-10000 employees
Philadelphia https://www.philadelphia.nl

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Budgeting with your own rules

We use the software to build models and reports for our customers. It is a very powerful tool. Requests for new features are always positively discussed, leading to a constantly improving tool.


Petra Weisenborn (Owner)
Consulting, 1-10 employees
InfoAction https://infoaction.nl

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Integrate your data

You often have data stored in several different locations. You probably have one or even several accounting systems, you likely are using multiple Excel spreadsheets and several other sources of data such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

With XLReporting you can connect to each of these sources and integrate them all in XLReporting. That means you have all your data in one place and you can link all this data together.

Having all your data together in XLReporting has huge advantages:

  • All your data is validated when imported, making sure that the data is correct, according to your own rules and logic
  • Automating the retrieval process saves a lot of time and minimizes errors
  • You will always have the latest information and always on time
  • In XLReporting you can control what a user can see and do, by defining user roles and permissions.
  • By combining the different sources you get new information and insights

XLReporting has connectors to 40+ systems and file types.

import data

Move beyond spreadsheets

Is your company growing? More complexity, more data, more questions to answer? Are you dependent on spreadsheets, which have become too complex? XLReporting combines all your data and gives you the right numbers at the right time.

Some examples:

  • Reporting across multiple companies or locations
  • Managing multiple departments or cost centers
  • Tracking categories in Xero and Quickbooks

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Power your reporting and forecasting

Discover how XLReporting will add value to your business.

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