XLReporting is easy to use, flexible, and powerful. You can create your own reports and models without IT expertise.

When you sign up, you can start straight away with a default configuration and example reports and models.

Import your own data and start reporting and budgeting. You can change your configuration along the way.

If you need any help, we offer free setup support by email, webinar, and chat. If you want more, we also offer paid implementation services.
easy to use dashboard


define data sets
Define your own business structure, such as:
  • Companies and business units
  • Chart of accounts, cost centers, regions
  • Customers, suppliers, products
  • Transaction data, which can be financial and non-financial (e.g. volumes, FTE, hours etc)
  • Multiple budget and forecast versions
You can define relationships and validation rules.

You can create data sets, reports, and models with a few clicks, and change them whenever you want. You can edit our default templates, or create your own configuration.

Import any data

You can import data into XLReporting in many ways:
  • Import files (Excel, CSV, XML, JSON) on your computer, or from Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box.com
  • Import data from QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, Exact, and many more, using our API connectors
  • Import data from (SQL) databases
  • Connect to any system that has an API
You can filter, transform, consolidate, validate, look up, and calculate data during the import.
import data

Consolidate, budget, and forecast

budget and forecasting
Many companies run their budgeting in spreadsheets. But it is often frustrating because spreadsheets get messy, and they are difficult to control and consolidate.

XLReporting provides a much better way:
  • Define your own budget models
  • Pull real data into these models
  • Budget holders can enter and review their own data
  • XLReporting separates logic from data
  • Budget submission is controlled and auditable
  • Consolidated budgets are instantly available

Report and analyze

report and analyze
With just a few simple clicks, you can create your own models and reports, choosing from many report types:
  • Pivot tables
  • Interactive charts
  • Reports with grouping and subtotals
  • Spreadsheet-like models
  • Treemaps and organograms
  • KPI's and dashboards
XLReporting is easy to use and interactive. All you need is a web browser or tablet.

Take control in 3 steps


define reports

Define your business structure, such as companies, business units, chart of accounts, cost centers.

Create data sets, reports, and models to analyze any information you want.


import data

Import data from multiple systems, API's, and file formats using standard connectors.

Define how to transform, filter, and consolidate the data during the import.


report and analyze

Run powerful web-based models, pivot tables, reports, charts, and KPI's with just a few clicks.

Create free-form models, reports, and dashboards, integrated with Excel.

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