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We write with passion about financial management, reporting, and forecasting.
Many of our blogs are inspired by use cases of our customers.

Our AI Assistant ensures better reporting

The AI Data Assistant is your reliable partner with all kinds of data operations, such as converting data in your dataset, mapping your chart or accounts to a reporting standard, splitting data, or translating terms and definitions.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

Financial scenario planning - the Why and How

Scenario Planning is a powerful tool to minimize financial surprises and get a grip on the future. Scenarios help deal with uncertainties and respond to them when they occur. But how do you do it? Using a fictional healthcare facility as an example, I will show you how and why scenario planning makes sense.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

Allocating Funds in Educational Budgeting

Lumpsum funding is commonly encountered in education. By lumpsum funding, we mean that an organisation receives an amount of money for a student without a breakdown in parts labelled how the organisation should spend the money. When allocating the received money to the teams with the students under their wing, an educational institution has several choices.

Read moreauthor Petra Weisenborn

The Importance of ISO 27001 Certification

Organizations must take measures to ensure that information security is in good order. We at XLReporting take information security, data protection, and privacy very seriously.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

How to Supplement Information to your HR system

Basic reports from online systems often must provide the correct representation for your analyses. This is usually solved by exporting the information to your favourite spreadsheet. We frequently see this happen with accounting software.

Read moreauthor Petra Weisenborn

Best Reporting Options for Simplifying QuickBooks Desktop

Are you a QuickBooks Desktop user tired of spending hours manually formatting and compiling reports in Excel? Well, we have some excellent news for you! Some game-changing alternatives will simplify your reporting processes and save you valuable time.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

Uncovering the Hidden Costs of Forecasting in Excel

Every organization does budgeting and forecasting, and often Excel is the most obvious option. Every finance professional knows Excel, a spreadsheet can be quickly created, and you can freely adjust it as desired. But is Excel really free?

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

Work together for Successful Investment Planning

We are diving into a fascinating topic that arises when local teams and facility management come together: asset investment planning. We all know the importance of maintaining and upgrading our facilities, but what happens when different voices enter the conversation?

Read moreauthor Petra Weisenborn

Why Forecasting with Excel won't let your Organization Excel

Forecasting with Excel is riddled with problems. It does not produce reliable forecasts because data quickly gets outdated, and the knowledge about the spreadsheet is often held by only one person within the organization.

Read moreauthor Nicola van Rijn

Questions to ask Forecasting Software Vendors

Forecasting your income, expenditure, and cash flow is essential for managing your business finances and planning for the future. In simple terms, informed decision-making results in better outcomes.

Read moreauthor Nicola van Rijn

How to Deal with a Reorganization when Budgeting

Every day, our value-added partners solve reporting and budgeting challenges for their clients with XLReporting. One of the challenges is a reorganization during a budget period.

Read moreauthor Petra Weisenborn

What is new in release 38

We finish 2023 with our latest release 38. This includes several improvements and features that customers asked for, along with many other features that further expands the use of XLReporting.

Read moreauthor Johan Smith

Year review of 2023

The year 2023 is almost over. At XLReporting we're looking back on a wonderful year. It was a year with great projects, lots of new functionality, and successes for our partners and customers.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

Important Financial Statements for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit organizations, just like any organization, must have an overview at all times of their financial position, both actuals and compared to budget. This is important for budgeting, planning, and decision-making.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

How to Do Cash Flow Forecasting in Xero

Cash flow forecasting is essential for managing your business finances and planning for the future. It involves predicting the inflow and outflow of cash over a specific time, typically a month or a quarter.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

Integrate Xero with Reporting and Forecasting: Step-by-Step

No matter your business or industry, it is essential to prioritize financial reporting and budgeting within your organization. The finance department handles these tasks daily with precision to ensure accurate data.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

How To Forecast Revenue With Ease

The planning of revenue is often the starting point of your budget cycle. Your revenue expectation forms the basis of the budget. This article explains what the Revenue Planner can do and its benefits.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

Why Good Financial Data Quality is Crucial for Your Business

In the fast-paced world of modern business, accurate and dependable financial data is. crucial. Whether your organization is big or small, poor data quality can have significant consequences.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

Best Practices Budgeting Tool for Non-Profit

For any non-profit organization, budget management is a critical task that can be daunting, time-consuming, and expensive. Even the most experienced staff member can find it hard to stay up to date on budgeting best practices and processes.

Read moreauthor Nicola van Rijn

Effective Tools and Methods for Cash Flow Forecasting

The COVID-19 outbreak brought to light (often in a dispruptive way) the significance of effective procedures for managing liquidity risk. Cash management went from a secondary concern for business owners to a primary one due to significant upheavals in global supply chains.

Read moreauthor Johan Smith

XLReporting named as Key Player in Budgeting Software Market

The need for advanced financial tools and the need to track and forecast income and cashflow is on a rise and so is XLReporting! We have been busy and that hasn't gone unnoticed in the market. We have been mentioned favourably in the press on several occasions over the past years.

Read moreauthor Nicola van Rijn

Analyze Past Cash Flow: A Critical Step

As a financial controller or director, you understand the importance of cash flow management in ensuring the success of your business. One of the first steps in effective cash flow planning is the analysis of past cash flow.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

Maximize the Power of Cash Flow Analysis

Due to its popularity, Excel is widely used by organizations for cash flow analysis. However, it has some drawbacks that can make the process difficult, such as collecting data from various sources and manually creating and automating budgets.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

Reduce Cash Management Risk

As the global financial landscape continues to evolve, companies face an increasingly complex and unpredictable environment when it comes to managing their cash flow.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

A Guide to Consolidation with QuickBooks

Consolidating financial reporting for multiple companies can be a daunting task, especially when working with Quickbooks. However, with the right solution, you can streamline the process and gain confidence in your numbers and decisions.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

Year review of 2022

We are delighted to present our Year 2022 Review, a celebration of the major accomplishments of the XLReporting team during this year.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

What is new in release 37

We start this new year with our latest release 37. It contains many improvements and features that customers asked for, along with many other features that you will enjoy.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

A step-by-step Guide to Financial Consolidation

Financial consolidation can be a complex process, and many don’t know where to start. That's why we wrote this article providing a step-by-step guide to help you understand the financial consolidation process and what it takes to successfully consolidate your finances.

Read moreauthor Nicola van Rijn

The Importance of Cashflow Forecasting

Cashflow forecasting should be an essential practise in every company, as it enables you to predict and manage the inflow, outflow, and availability of cash at every point in time.

Read moreauthor Nicola van Rijn

What is new in release 36

We hope everyone had a good holiday and is coming back to work with renewed energy. We have used the summer period to work hard on our platform and to prepare it for the new reporting and budget year.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

Define extra dimensions

Do you have multiple dimensions in your business (e.g. departments, locations, cost centers, product groups, sales channels etc) but are you unable to record these transactions properly in your accounting system?

Read moreauthor Johan Smith

Improve Reporting, Budgeting and Analysis in 5 steps

Organizations of all sizes, in every industry, rely on accurate and insightful reporting to make critical decisions. This blog post outlines 5 steps that can help you improve reporting, budgeting and financial analysis.

Read moreauthor Johan Smith

Free up Time from Monthly Financial Reporting

Monthly financial reporting is something many people have to do for their job, but it can take a lot of time and effort to compile all the information and put it together.

Read moreauthor Nicola van Rijn

Build the Right Budget Structure for your Business

In the past, business owners have been content with simple monthly reporting. But times have changed and financial budgeting and forecasting has become critical.

Read moreauthor Nicola van Rijn

Compare Power BI to XLReporting in 7 ways

We are comparing Power BI with XLReporting in seven ways. What are the pros and cons? What is Power BI good at and how does it compare to XLReporting?

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

Report on Xero Tracking Categories

We often receive this question: "How can we report on Xero tracking categories with multiple Xero administrations?"

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

What is new in release 35

Barely a month ago, we had a major release with many new features. And now we're releasing another major update. We're excited to let you know what's new.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

Compare Tableau to XLReporting in 7 ways

We are comparing Tableau with XLReporting in seven ways. What are the pros and cons? What is Tableau good at and how does it compare to XLReporting?

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

Minimize Headaches at Reorganizations

Creating reports for departments is a lot of work if you depend on spreadsheets. It becomes even more problematic when your company decides to reorganize.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

Year review of 2021

With 2021 behind us, it is a good time to look back on what we have achieved. We added lots of new features and improvements to XLReporting this year.

Read moreauthor Johan Smith

Stop relying on spreadsheets

90% of all businesses rely on spreadsheets for their financial reporting and budgeting. It is time-consuming to refresh the numbers every time, make changes, update formulas etc.

Read moreauthor Johan Smith

Improve your Reporting in 5 steps

Lots of people are struggling to produce their reporting on time every month. Multiple deadlines, last-minute changes, data that arrives late etc. Little time is left to analyze the numbers.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

Find the Right Metrics in your Business

When you build your reports, it is important you focus on the metrics that tell the story behind your numbers. What drives your business, and what is driving your numbers?

Read moreauthor Nicola van Rijn

Optimize your Chart of Accounts

Many companies end up with complicated reporting spreadsheets, just because their Chart of Accounts is messy. Too many accounts, too few, inconsistent classification etc.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

Build effective Budget Models

We often see budgets that try to predict the future in great detail without focussing on the fundamentals of the business, and without clear goals and actions as an outcome.

Read moreauthor Johan Smith

Find the Dimensions in your Business

Many companies have multiple "dimensions" in their business but are unable to analyze their results. That is difficult if you can't report numbers for each of these dimensions.

Read moreauthor Edgar de Wit

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