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What do I sign up for?

What can I expect?

You will receive full access to our system at no cost for 30 days, so you can determine if our product is right for you. You are not committed to anything, there are no charges and no restrictions. By signing up, you do agree to our terms.

Do I need to provide a credit card to sign up?

Nope. It is entirely free for 30 days. If you like our product, it would be nice if you sign up for a paid account, but even if you don't, let's still be good friends!

What can I do with a free account?

Everything you can do with the Enterprise subscription, which includes all features. There are no restrictions or limitations. We offer free setup support by email and online chat, so contact us at any time if you need help.

What are your terms of service?

You can read our terms in detail here. When you sign up, you do agree to those terms.

How can I upgrade or close my (free) account?

You can do that within the application via your account settings. Before you close your account, you can export all your data because it will be permanently deleted in XLReporting.

What happens if I don't buy?

Your data will be permanently deleted when you close your free account. If you let your free account expire without any further activity, your data will be permanently deleted after 5 days (we will send you email reminders just in case).

What about my data?

Is my data safe?

We take care of the hosting for you in highly secure data centers across the world with continuous backups. You can choose in which region (Europe, US & Canada, or Asia Pacific) you want your data to be hosted.

Who owns my data?

You do. Simple as that. We will never access or use your data, or retain it after you close your account. You can export all data that you have imported into XLReporting, should you ever decide to close your account.

Is your system secure?

We take security and data protection very seriously. Read more about our operations.

Why do I need to choose a region?

We operate servers in multiple data centers across the world, which ensures that you will have the fastest response times and that your data remains within your regional jurisdiction. All data is encryted.

What type of data can I store?

XLReporting is fully configurable, and you can store any type of information. It can be financial data, but it can also be sales, purchase, logistics data etc. You can import data from multiple sources, and it can be detail data or aggregate data. We do not allow personally identifiable information (i.e. personal data about indidivuals) to be stored however.

How many report and chart types can I use?

XLReporting provides 7 different report types and 14 chart types, which you can freely configure as report layouts. Furthermore, reports are highly interactive. Read more.

How many data rows do I need?

Depends on your use of course, but here is a rule of thumb for basic trial balance data: multiply the number of companies, business units, and accounts, and the number of periods. Say you have 5 companies, 5 business units, 100 GL accounts, and 12 periods of data, that would be 30.000 rows for a year of data. We adhere to a "fair use policy", and you can always buy additional data rows.

Licenses and payments

Which licenses do you offer?

We offer 3 standard licenses, which you can see here.
We also offer annual discounts, invoicing on account, and dedicated hosting.

How long do I commit for?

You can upgrade, downgrade, or close your account at any time. There are no notice periods.

How can I pay?

You can pay by all major credit cards, we use Stripe as our payment partner. You can also ask us for invoicing on account so you can pay us by bank transfer.

Do you provide consulting services?

Yes, we do. We are a small team of finance and IT experts, specialized in financial reporting and planning processes.

What support do I get?

What support do you offer?

Our online Support Center offers lots of user documentation, and you can ask our help at any time via our contact form, email, and online chat.

Can you help with my implementation?

Yes, we can. If you simply need some guidance and help along the way, we provide this free of charge. We can also configure complex imports or reports for you at an agreed service fee.

I don't have enough time to set this up - can you do my implementation for me?

Yes we can. Please contact us, let's discuss your requirements, and agree the best approach with you.

Can you improve my data?

A typical problem is that people try to work with poor source data to start with. Let us take a look at your data structure and advise better ways, or even convert your data for you.

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