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Effective as of July 1, 2023


XLReporting (we-form), located in the Netherlands, provides services to our website visitors and other (natural) persons who have contacted us (you-form). In the context of these services, we may use cookies or similar storage technologies (hereinafter “cookies”) on this website.

If you have any questions about this Cookie Policy, you can find our contact information below.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that can be stored by your browser on your device to save certain information. The next time you visit a website on the same device, the information saved in the cookies can subsequently be transmitted either to the website itself (“First Party Cookie”) or to another website to which the cookie belongs (“Third Party Cookie”).

Certain cookies contain personal data. For more information on what personal data we process and for what purposes, you can refer to our Privacy Policy.

Using the information saved and returned, a website may recognize that you have previously visited it on that same device.

In this cookie statement, you can read about the specific cookies we use and how we handle them.

General types of cookies

In general, cookies and similar technologies have the following functions:

Essential / functional cookies

These cookies are essential for the core functionality of the website and are automatically enabled when you use the website.

Analytical cookies

These cookies help improve the performance of the website and provide a better user experience. This allows us to offer you a high-quality experience by customizing our website and content and quickly identifying and resolving issues. The statistics and other reports cannot be traced back to individual persons.

Marketing and tracking cookies

We collaborate with third parties to display our advertisements on other sites. These third parties may use technologies such as cookies to collect information about your activities on other websites to provide you with advertising based on your browsing activities and interests. We do not display advertisements on our own website.

Our use of cookies

We do not use own ("first-party") cookies.

We use Google Adwords to publish paid adverts and track the associated links to our website. Google uses ("third-party") tracking cookies, which are only activated after you accept our cookies.

We use Albacross to analyze our web visitors, which uses ("third-party") tracking cookies, which are only activated after you accept our cookies.

We use Plausible Analytics to track overall trends in the usage of our website. Plausible Analytics does not use cookies and collects only aggregated information, which does not allow us to identify any visitor to our website. Plausible Analytics is not able to detect whether you have previously visited our website, nor is it able to follow your browsing activity on our website.

We use Friendly Captcha to check that you are a human when you fill in a form. Friendly Captcha does not use cookies.

Managing cookies

During your first visit to our website, we informed you about these cookies and asked for your consent to place them. We provide you with the choice to accept or reject cookies, except for essential / functional cookies, as they are necessary to ensure the website's functionality.

Additionally, you can opt out of cookies by configuring your internet browser not to store cookies anymore. Any information previously stored can also be deleted through your browser settings. In this case, our website will still function normally. We remember your choice when you visit the website again from the same browser.

By default, all cookies on our website are disabled unless you explicitly accept them. At any time, you can reset this setting: Reset

Third-party websites and services

Through our website, users may be able to link to other third-party websites via buttons, widgets, or content and therefore provide useful information about themselves to these third parties. This cookie statement only applies to the information we collect based on your use of those features. It does not apply to third-party websites or applications. We cannot guarantee that these third parties handle your personal data in a secure and reliable manner. Therefore, always refer to the privacy policy of these third parties.

Questions or further information

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us, or write to XLReporting Software BV, Winthontlaan 200, 3526KV Utrecht, Netherlands.

About this cookie statement

XLReporting may modify this Cookie Policy from time to time. If these changes are relevant to you, we will bring them to your attention or make the changes in a conspicuous manner. You can always find the most current version of our Cookie Policy on our website.

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