Is your reporting too complex for spreadsheets?

More than 90% of all companies depend on spreadsheets for reporting.

Building reports using spreadsheets takes you a lot of time. You can do better.

XLReporting connects to your data, and automates your reporting.

So you can focus on what really matters.

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Connect your data

Can't get the information you need from your accounting system? Are you using spreadsheets to do your reporting? It's time to switch to XLReporting.

XLReporting connects to your system or other data sources, and enables you to create your own reporting. It has connectors to 30 different systems and file formats and is integrated with Excel

XLReporting gives you automation, overview, and reliability at every step. That gives you confidence in your numbers and in your decisions.

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Create your own reports

You can define your own reports however you want. Combine information from different sources into reports and charts, in different layouts. Publish or share your reports, and set user permissions. You can choose from over 30 different visualisations.

Once created, you can run reports as often as you want. They will always contain correct and up-to-date numbers.

Some examples are:

  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance sheet
  • Cashflow
  • Sales report
  • Management report


Automate Reporting

Connect to your accounting and other systems. No manual steps needed.

Discover the trends

XLReporting tells you where to look, what's ahead, and what to decide.

Follow your dimensions

Report on all dimensions in your business. Instantly and reliably.

Analyze your numbers

XLReporting imports, validates, and enriches your data automatically.

This enables you to create automated reports with data from different sources. Your reports will always contain up-to-date and correct numbers which gives you total overview and control.

You can compare actuals to budgets and forecasts. Combine financial data with non-financial data to report on business drivers and ratios.

You can focus on analyzing your numbers and talking to the business. You'll have the answers ready before your're getting the questions.

screen with dashboard

Trust your sources

Integrate with your accounting and other systems. No manual steps.

Slice and Dice

Drill down into your numbers at the click of a button.

Have the answers

Have the answers before your're getting the questions.

Take a 360° view of your business

chart of accounts project plan

Connect your data

Enrich your source data for optimal reporting.

design templates process

Design your reports

Easy-to-use editor with rows, columns, and formulas.

dimensions jigsaw

View all dimensions

Report on all dimensions in your business.

financial and non-financial

Combine any type of data

Combine any financial and non-financial data.

visualisation presentation

Visualize your data

Choose from 30 different report and chart types.

autorization organization

Share and protect

Control who you give access to your information.

Improve your reporting

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