About us

We are a team of finance experts, specialized in financial reporting, consolidation, and budgeting.

We have decades of combined experience across many companies and sectors. We understand the common challenges that companies have.

You need an effective tool, but you also need good structure in your data. We help our clients with the solution, with an excellent tool and superior advice.

about us

Our history

During his international career in various CFO and CIO positions, Johan Smith has often seen the typical problems that companies struggle with. Business-critical processes and decisions are often based on poorly-designed spreadsheets.

In 2005 Johan initiated the development of a better solution. This started with bespoke software for large companies such as ICL, Fujitsu, and Kaplan. Gradually this evolved into a generic and highly configurable solution.

In 2012, we launched a commercial Excel add-in solution which was widely sold over the years. Customers liked the close integration with Excel and the flexible reporting capabilities. In fact, this "classic" Excel tool is still being used in 2023 by several customers.

In 2018 we started the development of the web-based version of XLReporting in collaboration with implementation partner InfoAction, and Edgar de Wit joined the team.

When Edgar started working with XLReporting, he recognised this as the solution for every finance professional. As an information consultant, with a background in business economics, he has implemented XLReporting over the past years for many different customers. Edgar is an expert in designing and implementing pragmatic business solutions for reporting and forecasting.

Now in 2023, XLReporting is using the latest technologies and is a competitive player in the market of high-end enterprise solutions.

team at XLReporting

Our team


Johan Smith
Technology & Operations


Edgar de Wit
Sales & Customer Support


Nicola van Rijn
UX & Content


Reinier Spruit
Non-profit specialist


Petra Weisenborn
Education specialist


Karin de Jong
BI specialist


Rogier van Veen


Dave Goethals

Our green approach

As an internationally operating company, we are very aware of the importance of taking care of the world we live in. We take sustainability seriously and are committed to making our contribution in all ways possible.

For example, we have taken a conscious decision to do all our hosting with Digital Ocean, who share our views on sustainability and who we support in their good work and social impact programmes.

Our employees support our sustainability goals and feel responsible for implementing this in their daily routines. More than 90% of our meetings take place online which greatly reduces travel, and when there is a need to meet face to face we travel by bicycle or public transport when possible.

Our home offices are powered by solar panels and we use shared office facilities for meetings, so we don’t need to maintain permanent offices.

XLReporting has always been focussed on making our product as efficient as possible in use. This is beneficial to our clients, and it also means that less energy is needed to run the required server processes.

Our product is built to help clients work more efficiently, which we hope enables them to reduce their own carbon footprint.

In addition to our own efforts we also donate to Trees for all who plant trees in the Netherlands and abroad, to compensate for carbon footprint.

substainable at XLReporting

Let's talk about you

Now, let's talk about you and your business. How we can help you to improve your reporting and budgeting? Add value to your business?

Enabling you to report, forecast, and consolidate effectively. So you can make the right decisions, on time, and based on good data.

That's what we really care about. So, let's get to work. Contact us today, let's discuss the solution you're looking for, and we'll show you how.

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