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We are a team of finance experts, specialized in financial reporting, consolidation, and budgeting.

We have decades of combined experience across many companies and sectors. We understand the common challenges that companies have.

You need an effective tool, but you also need an optimal structure in your data flow. We guide our clients to a solution, with an excellent tool and superior advice.

about us

Our founders

During his international career in various CFO and CIO positions, Johan Smith has often seen -and resolved- the typical problems that companies struggle with. Business-critical processes and decisions are often based on poorly-designed spreadsheets.

Johan initiated the development of better solutions. This started with bespoke client tools, growing into a generic Excel add-in solution, and finally evolving into the web-based version of XLReporting.

When Edgar de Wit started working with XLReporting, he recognised this as the solution for every finance professional. As an information consultant, with a background in business economics, he has implemented XLReporting over the past years for many different customers. Edgar is an expert in designing and implementing pragmatic business solutions for reporting and forecasting.

With a team of finance and IT experts and decades of combined experience and customer feedback, we implement and support XLReporting.

team at XLReporting

Our team


Johan Smith
Technology & Operations


Edgar de Wit
Sales & Customer Support


Nicola van Rijn
UX & Content


Dave Goethals
Sales Strategy

Let's talk about you

We'd much rather talk about you and your business. How we can help you to improve your reporting and budgeting. Add value to your business. Enable you to report, forecast, and decide with confidence, based on good data.

That's what we really care about.

So, let's get to work. Contact us today, let's discuss the solution you're looking for, and we'll show you the best practices.

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