Power your forecasting

More than 90% of all companies depend on spreadsheets for their budgeting and forecasting process.

Creating your budgets in spreadsheets is time-consuming and error-prone. Time for a better solution.

XLReporting consolidates all your (financial and non-financial) data, and manages your entire budget and forecasting process.

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Accelerate your budget process

More than 90% of companies use spreadsheets in their reporting and budgeting processes. You probably recognize this: manual actions, copying & pasting, errors in formulas, and no version control? These problems grow as your business grows and deadlines tighten.

Have you built your own spreadsheet, unique to your company? If only you could transfer your budget spreadsheet to a better solution ...

A solution that gives you control over who has access to your information. Which enables everyone to work with the same data, automatically updated. Using your method of budgeting. As financial experts, we have helped many customers with this transformation.

We have bundled our experience in reporting, budgeting, spreadsheets, and databases into a solution. A solution that gives you optimal reliability. Flexible enough to handle any budget process for any company. Without becoming complex and expensive.

That solution is called XLReporting.

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Excellent software at a good price

Lots of functionality, you can create really powerful budget templates with real-time information. Works well with Excel, and good support. The XLReporting team is really helpful and did the initial implementation for us.


Pierre Verhoeve (Finance Manager)
Healthcare, 5001-10000 employees
Philadelphia https://www.philadelphia.nl

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Budgeting with your own rules

We use the software to build models and reports for our customers. It is a very powerful tool. Requests for new features are always positively discussed, leading to a constantly improving tool.


Petra Weisenborn (Owner)
Consulting, 1-10 employees
InfoAction https://infoaction.nl

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Enhance your forecasting

Are you struggling with spreadsheets to create your budgets? Multiple versions, formula errors, copy-paste? It's time to switch to XLReporting.

The time you have spent creating your spreadsheets is not lost: convert them to XLReporting. Get the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the power of a database. Fully managed in the cloud.


Design your own models

Design your own budget models in a free-form editor. XLReporting has a built-in spreadsheet editor that is fully compatible with Excel. This gives you a familiar environment with the power of a database.

Create budget models and use them throughout your organization. XLReporting separates data and logic and adds a solid process.

Short learning curve thanks to compatibility with Excel using worksheets, columns, rows, cells, functions, and formulas. You can re-use your existing budgeting and forecasting spreadsheets.

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Improve your insight

Budgets are more than just numbers. It's about the underlying business drivers and assumptions, and how these translate into financial results. Corporate budgets and forecasts are not static, they evolve.

XLReporting enables you to produce different versions of budgets, going from multi-year plans to annual budgets to revised budgets to rolling forecasts. With variance analysis at any point in time. Whatever you need to run your business.


Move away from spreadsheets

Is your company growing? More complexity, more data, more questions to answer? Are you dependent on spreadsheets, which have become too complex? XLReporting combines all your data and gives you the right numbers at the right time.

Some examples:

  • Forecasting multiple companies and locations
  • Managing multiple departments and cost centers
  • Consolidate all budgets automatically

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Implement best practices

Are you rushing from deadline to deadline? Trying to move away from spreadsheets, but struggling to find the time to do it?

Why not let us do it for you?

We are finance experts and specialized in budgeting. We understand your challenges and we speak your language.

We can help you with your implementation.

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Improve your budgeting

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