What is new in release 36

author Edgar de Wit - 28 Aug 2022

The summer period is over and we hope everyone had a good holiday and is coming back to work with renewed energy.

We have used the summer period to work hard on our platform and to prepare it for the new reporting and budget year.

We’re excited to let you know what’s new.

Read more about it in this blog. You can also watch our video.

Updates in Models

Define model now features the ability to indent, outdent, and justify cells through the alignment toolbar.


We added a show/hide cell formulas button on the toolbar for models to be checked when auditing.

show hide formulas

The “Define model” page now includes a ruler to display the pixel position of each column in the model you're editing. This is really helpful when adjusting column widths for printing purposes.


New functions

We added additional functions, such as JOIN and TEXTBEFORE. We also included extra options in the GETPERIOD function.

Read more:

And we added extra options to GETPERIOD (read more)

Meet theme colors in XLReporting

You can now change the color scheme of your user profile. The default is the standard color scheme, but you can also select a light color scheme.

theme colors

Choose your display format for periods

We also added a Period setting that displays periods in your preferred format to Manage - Profile. This affects financial reports, models, and selection lists.

You can choose from 4 styles.

  • YYYY-MM: 2022-08 (default)
  • MM-YYYY: 08-2022
  • MMM YYYY: Aug 2022
  • MMM YYYY: Aug 22
display periods

Updates in Reports

We made some changes in the visual rendering of subtotals, and the layout of drill-down reports. Drilldown reports are now fully expanded by default after they are generated. With new reporting updates, you can choose where the column totals go in the layout of a report.

report with totals first


We made several improvements to existing functionality. The servers in all our regions have been upgraded to the latest high-performance specifications, ensuring fast responses in any condition. As well as various small improvements in the design of all pages.

Is there more?

Yes, there is much more in the planning. Follow our blog, and/or subscribe to LinkedIn page for more news.

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