What is new in release 35

author Edgar de Wit

Barely a month ago, we had a major release with many new features. And now we're releasing another major update.

We're excited to let you know what's new.

New Menu Navigation

For a long time, XLReporting had a menu navigation with 2 panels.

The new single menu makes navigation much easier. The other benefit is that this gives more space on your screen for the reports.

By clicking the XLReporting button, you can collapse the menu and navigate with a popup menu. That gives you maximum space for your reports and models.

By clicking on a new eye button in the top bar, you can hide or show the header information of a report.


Bookmark your Favorites

Once you have run a report, click the star icon. The report will be added (or removed again) in your favorites.

A quick “no questions asked” action. So you can constantly adjust your list according to what is important to you at any given time.


XLReporting is Mobile Ready

XLReporting already works perfectly on your desktop. We have now added full mobile support.

You can now access XLReporting on any mobile and tablet with a minimum screen size of 320px.

Due to the limited screen size on your phone and tablet, you can only view your dashboards, reports, and models. You can’t change the layout or define objects.

From now on you can access your critical information on the go. Completely real-time.


Memorize Selections

XLReporting remembers your selections and uses them for other reports and models.

Suppose you are working on the January month-end closing and you request 2022-01 for this in a report. XLReporting now remembers your selection for other reports.

That saves you a lot of clicks.

Other New Features

We've added new functions:

  • SETTING - passes a global setting to your model or report
  • ROMAN - Convert any number to Roman numerals with line

Want to know more?

There are 10+ other improvements in addition to these major changes. You can read them on our release page. Or watch our Youtube video about this release.

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