What is new in release 38

author Johan Smith

It's Been a Busy Year

We finish 2023 with our latest release 38. This includes several improvements and features that customers asked for, along with many other features that further expands the use of XLReporting.

Here are just a few of them:

  • We developed a brand new "Partner Portal", which enables our value-add partners to manage and support their clients in an effective manner.
  • We added several new functions, such as REDUCE, DISTINCT, DAYSIN, WEEKPLAN, PERIODYTD, TIERED, and GROUPBY which you can use in reports and models to make complex calculations in a simple manner.
  • We added a new option to copy defined fields, layouts, queries, and sheets from any report or model into another report or model.
  • We added "Restricted roles", which enables you to give restricted access to users, in terms of how they can manage other users.
  • We added "Department" and "Job title" to users, which helps to manage large numbers of users more efficiently.

Visit our release page for all the latest updates.

We love to hear your thoughts, ideas and feedback.

We wish you a successful 2024!

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