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author Edgar de Wit

The Seminar "Software for reporting, BI, liquidity planning, and AI" took place at the end of May, in the Netherlands, and we attended. In fact, we demonstrated our AI Data Assistant.

The AI Data Assistant is your reliable partner with all kinds of data operations, such as converting data in your dataset, mapping your chart or accounts to a reporting standard, splitting data, or translating terms and definitions.

If you like to see our presentation (in Dutch), click here. If you would like to see the English version, click here.

Our use case

Our customers often come to us with a reporting problem. Their current working method often is no longer desirable, cumbersome and time-consuming. This is because their business has grown in terms of the number of companies, cost centres or departments.

The problem often lies in their Charts of Accounts. Accounts keep getting added but really they need to be cleaned up. Customers usually have to deal with different Chart of Accounts per administration. Bringing all the numbers together is quite a job, and the standard design of their accounting system often needs to be revised.

Customers often try to circumvent this within their reports, often in Excel, which makes ad-hoc analyses very difficult. All this is not a problem in XLReporting because it can translate different Charts of Accounts into one common standardized one, which greatly simplifies the process and improves the quality of reporting. We help our customers with this setup by reviewing their Chart of Accounts and mapping this to our standardized Chart of Accounts.

If customers work with Xero, Quickbooks and Exact Online, we can use the internal account types of these systems. But we often still have to correct these manually. That takes relatively a lot of time in a setup, despite our years of experience.

AI saves 90% of the setup time

To speed up the setup process, we have trained our AI Data Assistant, so it knows how to analyze account descriptions and then link these to the corresponding reporting code in our standardized Chart of Accounts. This means that the AI Data Assistant can assist you in setting up your datasets and importing new data, making the process much easier and more efficient. We have trained our AI Data Assistant with our knowledge and experience in general ledger logic and Charts of Accounts.

In addition to mapping reporting codes, the AI Data Assistant also helps you enter to names correctly, split texts and look up descriptions and definitions from financial libraries. The AI Data Assistant saves us and you at least 90% of the setup time.

How does the AI Data Assistant work?

define datasets assistant

You can access the AI Data Assistant (if your user role gives you permission) via Define - Data sets. Via Actions, you choose "Use assistant". You will receive a simple input screen in which you type in your request with a clear English prompt.

That can be, for example:

  • "Lookup reporting codes": The Assistant will then match your account descriptions to the corresponding reporting code in our standardized Chart of Accounts. Reporting codes are used in all templates in XLReporting.
  • "Copy data": The Assistant copies the data from one column to another.
  • "Translate into English": The Assistant will translate your selected column data into the desired language.

You can select which column contains the source data and into which column you want to save the results.

Benefits of AI for you

With XLReporting, we have made setting up datasets and importing new data very easy. Maintaining that data is important but you want to spend as little time as possible on it. The AI Data Assistant will help you with that. It enables you to structure and clean your data.

By improving your data quality, you are improving your reports.

Next steps

Our platform is widely applicable, from reporting to forecasts. To help our users, we are training more AI Assistants. If you're interested in revolutionizing your data operations with the power of AI, the AI Data Assistant is here to help. Contact us today to learn how the AI Data Assistant can transform your workflow and boost your efficiency.

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