Review of the year 2022

author Edgar de Wit

We are delighted to present our Year 2022 Review, a celebration of the major accomplishments of the XLReporting team during this year.

Search function

First and foremost, we added a search function that allows users to filter their menu options with ease. This has been a highly requested feature and we're happy to have launched this for our users.

New editor and design functions

We have added a Dropdown (table) cell editor to Define models, providing users with the opportunity to create dynamic drop-downs to better organize their data.

The ROWACTION function now offers users the choice to show the available actions either as a popup menu or as icon buttons.

We also added a new EDITORS function which enables users to combine multiple cell editors in adjacent columns on the same row into a single popup editor.

We also included a feature to alternate between formula and result in Define model, enabling you to easily inspect cell formulas.

In Define model, you can now use the alignment toolbar button to indent, outdent, and justify the contents in cells.


Organize reports and models as "Favorites"

We also added the star button for users to select their favorite reports and models, which will be available in the left menu panel. This feature allows users to quickly access their most frequently used reports and models, increasing productivity and efficiency for users.

New formatting & themes

We have also included a Theme setting in Manage Profile, offering users the ability to alternate between a standard color theme, a light color theme, and a masked theme. The masked theme is perfect for demonstration and training purposes, allowing you to show the application without exposing any real financial information.

Reports now offer users new options when it comes to formatting. Column totals, gridlines in charts, and drill-down reports can all be adjusted in the report layout.

Create professional reports in PDF

One of the biggest and most exciting changes of this year is our new print engine! We completely redesigned and rebuilt it, making it better than ever before! With our new and improved print engine, you can now produce 100% accurate output (on paper or PDF) of reports, and models, with automatic scaling and pagination.

XLReporting is designed to offer a hassle-free way to create pixel-perfect outputs, whatever functions and formats you may choose. You can easily export or print your reports and models - both horizontally and vertically - with tables, graphs, texts, and images all displayed clearly in the output. Furthermore, always be assured that the results will be in line with the latest data from XLReporting.

The possibilities for this new feature are endless! You can now use XLReporting to create professional-looking management reports, budget reports, analysis reports, annual accounts, and investor reports!

We are thrilled about this new feature and can't wait to share more details about it. Make sure to check our site for future updates! If you are interested in learning more, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Unlock more possibilities with new functions

We have also increased possibilities by introducing more than 20 different functions, including SETTING, FILTER, TEXTSPLIT, INDENT, CELLRANGE, EXIST, PRINT, CONNECTED, and BADGE. Read more ...

XLReporting On-The-Go with full mobile support

We have now provided full mobile support for XLReporting: it can be used on any smartphone or tablet. This feature has been highly beneficial and we are delighted to offer it to our customers.

In conclusion

We hope this Year in Review has given you insight, and we are planning to continue extending our software in the upcoming year.

These were the highlights of 2022. It was a year of non-stop releases with new features and improved functionality.

We can't wait to show you what we have in the pipeline for the coming year. Keep following us on LinkedIn or via this blog.

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