How to deal with a reorganization when budgeting

author Petra Weisenborn

Every day, our value-added partners solve reporting and budgeting challenges for their clients with XLReporting. One of the challenges is a reorganization during a budget period.

How do you map the old company structure with the new one? And how can you compare and verify the figures in a robust and auditable way?

Our Education Specialist Petra Weisenborn is happy to explain this in this blog article.

deal with a reorganization when budgeting

The Challenge

A finance manager working at an institution for secondary vocational education doubted whether it was the right time to start using XLReporting for budgeting.

The school was starting a process of reorganization, and would only have the final organizational structure ready at the end of the budgeting process.

The Solution

This is exactly the best time to start using XLReporting because the software supports the conversion of a budget from the old organizational structure into one with a new structure.

Just go ahead and create the budget using the existing organizational structure. When you are done, and when the new organizational structure is finalized, you can simply use the following steps.

Create a translation table that contains both the “from” and “to” codes of the organizational units. Extend your organizational chart with the “to” codes, plus their descriptions and other relevant data.

Then create an import procedure that takes the “from” code in a budget table to look up the “to” code in the translation table, and use it to populate the budget table with a version of your budget in terms of the new organizational structure.

translation table lookup

You can run the import procedure for all budget tables and then are done.

The Results

You can now run all your budget reports, choosing to show the budget in the old structure or the new structure.

Once you are finalized looking at the old structure, you can delete the budget versions in terms of the old structure, clean up your chart of the organization, and completely convert to the new structure.


In conclusion, budgeting for an upcoming reorganization requires careful planning and analysis.

With the right tool like XLReporting, this doesn't have to be a daunting task during your budget process.

If you want to know what XLReporting can do for your budget process, request a Discovery Call. Our financial experts are happy to help you with this.

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