Decide with confidence

Still relying on spreadsheets to understand and manage your business? Chasing numbers instead of analyzing them? You need a better solution.

XLReporting gives you the insight and foresight to make the right decisions in time.

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Integrate your data

Can't get the information you need from your accounting system? Are you using spreadsheets to do your reporting? It's time to switch to XLReporting.

XLReporting connects to your system or other data sources, and enables you to create your own reporting. It has connectors to 40 different systems and file formats and is integrated with Excel

XLReporting gives you automation, overview, and reliability at every step. That gives you confidence in your numbers and in your decisions.

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Trust your numbers

XLReporting enables you to create automated reports with data from different sources. Your reports will always contain up-to-date and correct numbers which gives you total overview and control.

You can focus on analyzing your numbers and getting down to business. You'll have the answers ready before your're getting the questions.

XLReporting also automates your budget process by processing and consolidating budget submissions by users. You can control the budget workflow, user permissions, and be on top of the numbers at all times.

Robust and practical system

XLReporting gave us the tools we need to control the sales, finance, and operations in businesses around the globe. It is a practical, robust system, greatly appreciated at all levels in our organization, which rivals vastly more expensive systems in flexibility and usability.


David (CEO)
Education, 5001-10000 employees

Decide with confidence

Combine all your data in one place, from multiple systems. Compare actuals to budgets and forecasts. Combine financial and non-financial information. Use powerful reports and dashboards to give yourself insight and foresight into your business.

XLReporting helps you to make the right decisions, based on solid facts, and in a timely manner. Get structure, overview, and reliability at every step. That gives you trust.

If you can trust your numbers, you will trust your decisions.

Manage your business

chart of accounts project plan

Connect your data

Enrich your source data for optimal reporting.

consolidation organization


All data is automatically consolidated.

dimensions jigsaw

View all dimensions

Report on all dimensions in your business.

what-if scenarios strategy

What-if scenarios

Calculate multiple budget versions and see the outcomes.

insight business

Get insight and foresight

Visualize the important trends in your business.

dashboards financial

Share your dashboards

Share your reports and dashboards with your team members.

Improve your decision making

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