Cash Flow Planning

We understand the importance of cash flow planning.

XLReporting gives you the freedom to create your own planning and forecasting using all your existing data.

Request a discovery call or free trial. We love to help you with your cash flow planning.

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Visualisation tools for easy interpretation

Analyse your results with a few simple clicks in pivot tables, charts, KPI’s and drill-down reports.

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Accurate current and future cash flow

Quickly understand if your business generates enough cash now and in the future.

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Advanced insights into trends

Consolidate actuals directly from your accounting systems. Financial data and non-financial data as well.

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Automated reporting and forecasting

Automate your reporting and forecasting and combine all your data in one place. Get the right numbers at the right time.

Integrate your data

Stop manually copying and pasting data from spreadsheets and files. Use your existing data. Integrate your accounting systems and other sources into one single system and create the best cash flow analysis possible.

Move beyond spreadsheets

More than 90% of all companies depend on spreadsheets for analysing their cash flow. With XLReporting this time-consuming and error-prone process is history. Lightning fast calculations are the future of finance.

Improve cash flow planning

XLReporting consolidates all your data such as sources of income and business expenses from all your existing software and platforms. This gives you all the tools you need to analyse cash flow faster and much more reliably.
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