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This page shows your user information and (if your user role has the relevant permissions) your company details and your subscription. You can change your own information and company details, and buy a subscription.

You can also watch the tutorial video.

screenshot account profile


You can change your personal profile and preferences:

  • Name - change your name. Please note that you can't change your own email address, as this can only be done in Manage - Users.
  • Mobile phone - your mobile phone number, including country prefix. This is used for "Multi Factor Authentication" (one of the optional security options).
  • Dates, numbers, and periods - select how you want dates, numbers, and periods to be visually displayed in reports and models (watch the tutorial video).
  • Theme - select between the standard color scheme, the light color scheme, or the masked theme. The masked theme will mask (hide) all amounts in reports, models, charts, and data sets. This special theme is suitable for demonstration and training sessions, so you can show the application without displaying any amounts.
  • Email me on imports - select if you want to be emailed when selected data sets have newly imported data within the past 24 hours.
  • Show tips - select if you want to see tooltips, hints, suggestions, or the guided tour whilst you navigate through XLReporting. Tooltips are small ⓘ icons that show extra information when you hover over them.

Company details

If your user role has Edit tenant permission, you can also change the company details of your tenant:

  • Company name and address - enter or edit your company address details.
  • Currency - set the default currency. You can deviate from this in reports.
  • Your logo - enter the URL to an image file. This image will be displayed as the logo. You can copy the address of a web-based image file by right-clicking on the relevant webpage in your web browser and selecting "Copy image address".
  • Color - you can assign a default color for the page header. Optionally, you can define a different color for each group of items. This makes user navigation more intuitive.
  • Security options - select optional security options for your tenant. Please read the next paragraph for detailed explanations.
  • Global settings - define optional global settings that you can lookup in any import, report, or model using the SETTING() function.
  • Script - create a script to define custom functions which you can use in any expression across all your objects. This option is for advanced use, and only visible if your user role has Edit script permission. Read more about scripts.

Security options

If your user role has Edit tenant permission, you can also change the security options for your account:

  • Require MFA login - when enabled, MFA ("Multi Factor Authentication") creates an extra level of security when logging into XLReporting. In addition to email and password, users will be prompted to enter a code that is displayed on their mobile device. You can use any mobile app such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Twilio Authy, LastPass etc.
    Should you loose your mobile or app settings, you can contact us to have a fallback code sent to you per email.
  • Require same domain - when enabled, this will require the email address of new users to be same domain(s) that are already currently in use. For example, if your current users have "" and "" email addresses, all new users have to be on either of those 2 domains. Whenever you want to add a domain, you can temporarily disable this setting, create a new user with the new domain, and then enable this setting again.
  • Require single signon - in addition to logging in with username and password, users can also login via an external Single Sign On system (see Single Sign On). Both routes can co-exist. If you want single signon to be the only permitted route (and password login to be disabled), then you can enable this option. Features such as password resets will no longer be possible.
  • Disable external dashboards - by default, dashboards can be published to external people who are not registered users within XLReporting (read more). If you don't want your users to be able to do this, you can disable that feature here for your entire tenant.
  • Disable object scripts - by default, scripts can be created when defining objects. Scripts are small pieces of program code that can perform automated and repetitive tasks, but they carry a limited risk. If you don't want your users to be able to do this, you can disable that feature here for your entire account.

You can also watch the tutorial video.

Global settings

Global settings enable you to define settings, either just by name or as a "name=value". You can lookup these settings with the SETTING() function in your imports, reports, and models. This function returns true or false if the given setting exists in the tenant, or its value if you used "name=value". See the SETTING function for more details.

screenshot account global settings

Please note that global settings are case-sensitive. It is best to avoid using spaces.


This section is only visible if your user role has Edit settings permission, and deals with your contractual agreement with us and your right to use our services:

  • Your current subscription - this shows your current subscription plan and how much data you are currently using. We apply a "Fair Use" policy, but if you are structurally exceeding your subscription storage, you need to upgrade your subscription plan. Please contact us for any questions you may have.
  • Accept our Service Agreement - we kindly ask you to read our Service Agreement, and tick this box to indicate that you accept it. The agreement outlines important things about our obligations as Provider, your rights as Customer, and the measures we take to protect your data.

    Please note that you must accept the agreement before you can fully use your subscription.
    Click here to read the agreement in full.
  • Close your account - we surely hope you'll never need this option, but if you must, then here it is. Your account will be closed immediately, and your data will be automatically deleted after 5 days. If you regret your decision, please contact us within 5 days.
  • Change subscription - click on any of the product boxes to upgrade (or downgrade) your subscription plan. You'll be taken through a payment process with our partner Stripe Inc to process your payment. You can opt for monthly or annual subscriptions.

Single Sign On (SSO)

XLReporting has its own user management based on username and password, with optional MFA ("Multi Factor Authentication").

We also support SSO ("Single Sign On") which delegates the user authentication and login to an external identity provider that supports the OpenID Connect protocol. This gives you a single and unified management of all your users. You can connect with the following providers:

  • Auth0 - a flexible solution for authentication and authorization of users.
  • Okta - a secure identity cloud that links all your apps, logins and devices into unified user management.
  • WorkOS - a single integration that enables your application to support SSO for the most popular identity providers.
  • Azure AD - an enterprise identity service provides single sign-on, multifactor authentication, and conditional access.
  • SecureLogin - a single signon solution for accounting firms and their clients.
  • Any OpenID Connect provider - XLReporting uses the leading oAuth2 OpenID protocol, which is used by most identity providers.

Please contact us for details on SSO configuration, as we will need to coordinate this with your own IT team.


You can use the Save and Actions buttons in the right-top of the screen:

screenshot account profile actions

These buttons enable you to do the following:

  • Save - save your changes (or Ctrl+S)
  • Actions - open a dropdown menu with further options:
    • Change my password - passwords must be at least 8 characters using lowercase, uppercase, and numbers. Passwords automatically expire after 180 days.
    • Change my MFA login - when enabled, this creates an extra level of security when logging into XLReporting. In addition to email and password, you will be prompted to enter a code that is displayed on your mobile device. You can use Google Authenticator or Twilio Authy, which are free apps available on all mobile devices.
    • Change my API access - when enabled, you can retrieve data from (and import data into) data sets through the XLReporting API. For example, you can send data directly from another system or database into XLReporting without having to go through the web pages. Or you can retrieve data from XLReporting directly into another system. You need to provide an API token with all requests. API tokens are valid for 360 days, and you can revoke or renew them at any point in time.
    • Transfer objects - this option is only visible if your user role has Transfer objects permission, and enables you to export the configuration of your objects to a file, for re-import at a later point in time, or import into another tenant.
    • Refresh sandbox - this option is only visible if your user role has Define account permission AND you are logged into a Sandbox tenant (which is a separate copy of your live tenant). This option enables you to refresh all configuration and data in your sandbox tenant based on your live tenant.
    • Manage my clients - this option is only visible if you are a XLReporting partner and your user role has Manage clients permission. It enables you to view your client tenants, and to manage (review, create and update) your defined objects, user roles, and users into your clients. See Manage clients for more detail.
    • Review my tenant - this option is only visible if your user role has Define account permission, and shows your tenant configuration and recent activity.
    • Review my activity - this option shows your own recent activity.
    • Switch tenant - this option is only visible if you have access to more than one tenant, and it enables you to switch between those tenants without having to login again.


You can create tokens for MFA and API using the Actions menu:

screenshot account profile tokens

  • We do not provide fallback codes for MFA. If you lost your device or if you are unable to login using MFA, you can contact us to reset your MFA status, or to fall back to sending the MFA code over email.
  • API tokens have a validity of 360 days, or until such time that you revoke or renew them or change permissions of your user account. During the 10 days before tokens are due to expire, you will be receiving multiple automated emails informating you that your token is due to expire.
  • If you use automated connections using an API token, make sure that the emails are being read so you are informed timely when a token is due to expire.
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