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Useful tips

XLReporting has various features across all pages, which are useful when working with data.

Full screen mode

By clicking on the XLReporting in the left-top of the screen, you can toggle between 3 modes:

  • Normal mode - normal menu navigation.
  • Minimized navigation - the menu navigation is minimized, but you can still navigate by hovering over the menu options or clicking on the vertical header to open the list of items.
  • Full screen mode - the report area takes up the entire screen, which is useful when you are working with reports. Click on the XLReporting logo to go back to normal mode.

screenshot toggle full screen

Sort data

To sort data in tables and reports, simply click on any column header. If you click repeatedly on the same column, the sort order of that column will switch between ascending and descending:

screenshot sort data columns

Filter data

To filter data on your screen, simply select a value from any of the dropdowns at the top of the screen:

screenshot filters data columns

This only filters data on your screen, not in the database.

Manage rows

To insert, delete, copy, or move rows (when you are editing data), you can either right-click on a row, or click on the ☰ button in the last column of a row:

screenshot insert delete data rows

Hide columns

To hide columns that you don't need, right-click on any column header, and then simply click to switch the visiblity (the "eye") of every column:

screenshot hide data columns

This only hides columns on your screen, not in the database.

Reorder columns

To change the order of columns, click on any column header, and then simply drag it to the required location:

screenshot reorder data columns

Excel integration

All data can be exported to Excel, and imported from Excel where applicable. If you have lots of data to be edited, it can sometimes be faster to do that in Excel using search & replace, copy down etc. Simply export the data, edit it in Excel, and import it back again. For more information on Excel integration, click here.


In the right-top of the screen you will find a Save button to save your changes (where applicable), and an Actions button with relevant options:

screenshot data save actions

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