Problems logging in?

If you have a problem logging in to XLReporting, or if you are getting the message "Access Denied", please follow the below instructions:

  1. Check carefully that your username is correct. Perhaps your browser or Password Manager filled in the wrong name?

    PLEASE NOTE: Mix-ups of usernames filled in by your browser or Password Managers are a common problem.
  2. Did you type in your password yourself, or did your browser of Password Manager fill it in? Just to be sure, look up the correct password and copy/paste it manually, or type it in yourself. Check for lowercase and uppercase!

    PLEASE NOTE: Mix-ups of passwords filled in by your browser or Password Managers are a common problem.
  3. Did you try to login several times? After a few unsuccesful attempts in a row, XLReporting will automatically block your account, to protect you from malicious attacks. Even if you know your password, you can not login anymore until we have verified that it was you, and not someone else. We do this to protect you!
  4. If your account is blocked, you will immediately receive an automated email with a special link to reset your password.

    PLEASE NOTE: this email COULD end up in your spam or junk folder, so check your email carefully. Check that the email is sent by XLReporting, and click the link to enter a new password. Once you have done that, you can login again.
  5. If you still have problems, it is best to contact your company administrator or the XLReporting support team at We'll reset your password for you.

As a final note, once you have regained access, please make sure that your browser and Password Manager are updated with your new and correct password.

Problems with Multi-Factor-Authentication?

If you have problems logging in with Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA), or if you have lost your MFA device, you can contact us. We can reset your MFA only after approval from your company's administrator.

Problems with Single-Sign-On?

If you have problems logging in through your company's network, please contact your company administrator.

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