How to use the Staff Planner

This forecast model is designed to help you plan your salaries and wages for each year and company.

Using the zero-based method, you can enter details for each employee. The costs will be distributed over the months in the year, based on the duration of employment.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Staff Planner.

1. How to Start

You will find the Staff Planner in Essentials -> Forecast.

Click on the field behind the Run button, and select the year and company from the dropdown menus.

Click on the Run button to retrieve the latest version of your staff budget.

2. Enter your planning per employee

Enter the employee name and job title on each line. Tip: you can either enter individual person names or total number of positions per job title.

Enter the employee's monthly salary, based on normal full-time employment. The FTE column allows you to indicate the ratio at which people are employed.

Enter the start and end date of the employee's employment. At least a start date is required, but the end date may be beyond the year or may be left empty.

3. Enter more details on an employee

Using the More button, you can enter additional costs such as taxes, social security, and pension costs. These percentages are calculated on top of the gross salary. You can also enter travel and other costs as estimated fixed amounts per month.

4. Planning month-by-month

The model will automatically distribute all costs evenly over the months during which the person is employed, based on the start and end date that you have entered.

5. Inserting and deleting rows

You can add a new line via the hamburger icon in the left column. Using that dropdown menu you can also copy, move and delete rows.

6. Check the outcome

Once you've entered all the necessary information, you can view the results in the Total Costs column and the charts. The model will also show you how many employees and FTEs you have budgeted for.

7. Save your budget

Once you are finished entering all details, click the Save button. Your budget will be saved right away. Your forecast is immediately included in all reports.

We hope that this helps you to understand how to use the Staff Planner. Keeping track of your staff and its costs has never been simpler. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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