Welcome to Essentials

Essentials is a pre-configured template in XLReporting for Financial Reporting, Consolidation, and 3-way Forecasting.

A Quick Tour

Essentials provides you with a ready-to-use collection of connectors, reports, and forecast models. Your account is pre-loaded with demo data so you can immediately take a look around. The template includes the following components:

Connect your own data

At any time, you can connect to your own accounting system to use your own data. Simply select Support -> Get Started from the menu, and follow the instructions.

Adapt the template

Essentials is one of our standard templates, ready-for-use.

If you want to make full use of XLReporting and adapt the template (for example to use extra connectors, add your own reports, or change the standard forecast models), you can select Manage -> Users from the menu, and give yourself the Define user role. This will open an extra item in the menu called Define.

Click here for instructions on how to define your own configuration.

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