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Tutorials - Filter data and user selections

Below are a number of common examples to filter data:

Filter data

You can filter the data in many ways. Filtering means that you can exclude certain rows in your source data. You can specify a static value, a simple function, or a complex expression and you can use all common operators. You can choose from various filter functions.

BETWEEN("2019-07", "2019-12")

screenshot account convert filter data

User selections

In many cases you might want the user to select some value when they start an import or report. For example, the company they're about to import, or the period. You can achieve that with the SELECT() function.

screenshot define import columns select

A special variant of this is the SELECTPERIOD() function. If you use this function in combination with the PERIODSUM() function, you can build powerful and dynamic period-discrete and year-to-date calculations with just a few clicks.

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